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Family, children

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Absolute mother-in-law (by husband) Пройдено: 102 раза

Does your mother get on well with her own mother or they argue a lot because of different points of view? Who is guilty in these arguments? Is everything good in your relations with your partner? Or is there something to be improved as you don’t want to loose her? This test will help you to answer all these questions. приступить к тесту ...

Absolute mother-in-law (by wife) Пройдено: 101 раз

What do you think about your mother-in-law? Are your relations good? Does not she interfere into your life constantly and make your life awful? This test will help you to find out what kind of a person your mother-in-law is. Is she a merciless old virago, a faithful friend, the dominant selfish or eternal complainant? приступить к тесту ...

Are you a good parent? Пройдено: 106 раз

The test, which allows to estimate mastery of the parent. ”How do you feel about raising my child?”, ”Do you have enough patience, focus, desire, time for him?”: This test is not serious and doesn’t have anything to do with child psychology, but its a rather cognitive test for parents. приступить к тесту ...

Are you a good upbringer? Пройдено: 105 раз

The test, which allows to estimate your upbringing skills. приступить к тесту ...

Are you relationship strong? Пройдено: 106 раз

Do you now, after years, love your partner as in the first day? Or daily routine, slowly but surely, dimmed the brightness of your feelings? How about your great love? Do you feel fully confident in your feelings or doubt? Look at your relationship. Our relentless test will show you where the problems are. приступить к тесту ...

Determine your attitude towards your mother-in-law. Пройдено: 100 раз

Do you often quarrel with your partner because of his or your mother? This test will help you to find out how you can state your mother-in-law and how these women influence your relationship. приступить к тесту ...

Do you know your partner well? Пройдено: 102 раза

Answer: “Yes” or “No” приступить к тесту ...

Do you understand each other? (questions for her) Пройдено: 102 раза

”he doesn’t understand me!” is not a rare exclamation, is it? What is our ability of feeling problems of the closest person and being able to solve them without mutual reproaches connected with? Maybe it s connected with some personal features or the level of respect and love to a partner? We hope this test will make it clear for you. When you answer all these questions, ask your partner to do the same with the variant “for him” to make the picture clear приступить к тесту ...

Do you understand each other? (Questions for him) Пройдено: 102 раза

Doesn’t she understand you? Maybe your relations are ideal? Do this test and learn about it приступить к тесту ...

How much you trust each other Пройдено: 103 раза

For happy married life the trust between the partners is essential. Only such an alliance can be considered truly stable. Check with the help of this test, how you and a partner are opened for each other. Choose one of the three proposed answers. Let your spouse do the same. приступить к тесту ...

Is your mother-in-law (by husband) a monster? Пройдено: 101 раз

Do you often argue with your partner because of his/her mother? This test will help you to find out how much you can stand your mother-in-law and how she affects your relations with your partner. Every unit of this test requires only ”yes” or “no” answers приступить к тесту ...

Test marital Пройдено: 103 раза

This test is for two. Every question is repeated for each of the partners. приступить к тесту ...

Test to detect infidelity Пройдено: 102 раза

Married or consisting in strong and long relationship man has always secretly envied his single friends, believing that they have more opportunities to have sex and fun than him. He imagines his bachelor parties, adventures, sex without commitment and a Jacuzzi, packed with nude models. He is afraid that all this is lost to him forever. And it does not matter that when he was a bachelor, never had such opportunities. The man is simply unable to accept the fact that such opportunities are now closed to him forever. Such concerns are absolutely foreign to women. Women do not dwell on the fact that they could get. They rejoice that they have. Unlike men, bad women do not aspire to an incredible adventure or breathtaking sex. Although, of course, there are exceptions of any rule, in most cases, women simply feel that they are neglected by their partners. And in a new relationship, women are looking for security and proximity, which they do not have in real life. And what about your partner? Is he / she faithful to you? Or do you have any reason to distrust? Is your partner honest with you, or he has his own little secrets? Maybe you know your partner not for too long and would like to pass this test along with him? We give you this opportunity. Mark the answer which describes your partner most accurately. Do not pay attention to what we call a partner ”he”. All this applies equally to men and women. приступить к тесту ...

What does your child thinks you are? Пройдено: 100 раз

Relationships between fathers and children - the age-old, handed down from generation to generation problem. Why do some families live in peace and mutual understanding, and in others children and parents can not stoparguing? What are you for your child? Try to find this out by testing приступить к тесту ...

Whose turn to clean the dishes? Пройдено: 100 раз

Take the test and determine how evenly the duties are distributed in your family. приступить к тесту ...

1 Профессиональные методики 2505978
2 Прикольные 124976
3 Любовь, отношения 119473
4 Ваш характер 82170
5 Женские 78676
6 Здоровье 37919
7 Семья, дети 25806
8 Работа, карьера 19544
9 Мужские 18037
10 Love and Sex 1552
11 Family, children 1535
12 Smile 1258
13 Health 228
14 Men`s tests 121
1. Тест Сонди 1657130
2. Тест Люшера 507569
3. Тест Равена - тест на интеллект, IQ 168183
4. Личностный опросник Айзенка 82413
5. Кем вы были в прошлой жизни? 50051
6. Насколько сильно Ваше сексуальное влечение? 27653
7. Опросник Кеттела 24622
8. Умеете ли Вы привлечь к себе мужчину 21737
9. Готовы ли вы к браку? 21719
10. Как у Вас с чувством юмора? 20969

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