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Men`s tests

13 тестов
... To the kitchen at once! Пройдено: 13 раз

This playful Bulgarian test will help you, a married man, with a better understanding of your place in the family. приступить к тесту ...

Are you a good friend? Пройдено: 45 раз

Each of us wants to have a good friend who can be relied upon. But who thinks about the flip side - Whether we meet those expectations ourselves. An approximate idea of what a friend you are can be given by this test. Answer honestly to all questions and you will see in which category you are. Good luck! приступить к тесту ...

Are you able to excite and satisfy a woman? Пройдено: 14 раз

Are you able to excite and satisfy a woman? приступить к тесту ...

Are you free sexually? Пройдено: 15 раз

How tolerant is your attitude to sexual freedom and experimentation? приступить к тесту ...

Are you satisfied with each other sexually? Пройдено: 1 раз

This test will help to determine your compatibility with your sexual partner. приступить к тесту ...

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Пройдено: 6 раз
Can you get pleasure from sex? Пройдено: 2 раза

Can you get pleasure from sex without feeling anxiety or guilt? приступить к тесту ...

How do you evaluate yourself as a lover. Пройдено: 1 раз

How do you evaluate yourself in terms of attractiveness and as a lover? приступить к тесту ...

How easy for you to find the common language with your partner? Пройдено: 4 раза

How well do you know how to communicate both verbally and physically with your sexual partner. приступить к тесту ...

How important are touches for you? Пройдено: 5 раз

Is it important for you your body being touched in an intimate relationship with the woman you love? приступить к тесту ...

How well do you match each other? Пройдено: 3 раза
Is your sexual appetite strong? Пройдено: 11 раз
Quiet grief! Пройдено: 0 раз

It is generally accepted that depression affects only the heroes of domestic and foreign series. Unfortunately, this is not always so. If you are not an insensitive beam, then depression is likely to have happened with you. To avoid such incidents in the future, pass this test on the tendency of stress. Perhaps now you`re going to keep your nerves under control. приступить к тесту ...

1 Профессиональные методики 2496014
2 Прикольные 124829
3 Любовь, отношения 119266
4 Ваш характер 82046
5 Женские 78599
6 Здоровье 37885
7 Семья, дети 25781
8 Работа, карьера 19516
9 Мужские 17976
10 Love and Sex 1549
11 Family, children 1535
12 Smile 1255
13 Health 228
14 Men`s tests 120
1. Тест Сонди 1647815
2. Тест Люшера 507568
3. Тест Равена - тест на интеллект, IQ 167874
4. Личностный опросник Айзенка 82247
5. Кем вы были в прошлой жизни? 50006
6. Насколько сильно Ваше сексуальное влечение? 27614
7. Опросник Кеттела 24622
8. Умеете ли Вы привлечь к себе мужчину 21711
9. Готовы ли вы к браку? 21687
10. Как у Вас с чувством юмора? 20942

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