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Are you subject to stress? Пройдено: 5 раз
Assessment of the degree of nicotine dependence. Пройдено: 18 раз

Fagerstroma questionnaire to detect the degree of nicotine dependence. приступить к тесту ...

Can you be considered an alcoholic? Пройдено: 0 раз

More tenacious belief that drunkenness is our tradition, and grandfathers, they say, they drank, and great-grandparents, and - nothing. Is this true? At all the times people thought alcohol to be the evil and always struggled with it, and in ancient times quite violent measures were taken. And how old is drinking? Greeks, for instance gave dry wine to their slaves, and the famous `Peter`s` vodka has less strength than the current port wines - 14 degrees. Philosophers of antiquity successfully fought against this evil, making fun of drinking, drawing attention to its humiliation. In ancient Rome, there was a senator, whose duties included getting drunk to the `pig squeal` and demonstrate on the streets to passers-by how unpleasant a drunk man is. The myth that Russians were drank at all the times is not true. Let us turn to history. In the eleventh century blackened pagan Russia in every way, proving the virtues of Christianity, although it our ancestors drank only because of three occasions: at birth, obsession victory over the enemy and funerals. All sorts of ` alcohol theorists` refer to the original drunken feasts. But the first time Russia got vodka from the Genoese only five centuries ago. All of these indisputable facts destroy the myth of traditionaly drunkenness! приступить к тесту ...

Diet Пройдено: 82 раза

Proper allocation of time, proper rest, exercise and good nutrition are the conditions of good health and success in life. But the combination of all these elements is selected individually. Thus, the diet is different for each person and depends on the height, weight, age, place of work, climatic conditions and even the time of the year. приступить к тесту ...

Do you have hemorrhoids? Пройдено: 11 раз

Most people suffering from hemorrhoids, do not know about it! And only when the disease enters a critical phase - the appearance of visible pain or bleeding then people bethought. But hemorrhoids does not appear in one day! It(hemorrhoids) develops slowly and makes itself felt usually after accidental provocations: physical stress, spicy food, or constipation. About 40% of all people on earth, sooner or later face very unpleasant manifestations of hemorrhoids. But there is a way to recognize hemorrhoids still in the early stages and prevent it from being traumatic and painful. We bring to your attention a short test to determine whether you have hemorrhoids. приступить к тесту ...

Find out what the type you are.. Пройдено: 5 раз

This test will help you determine your biorhythm - the internal clock. приступить к тесту ...

Hospital anxiety scale Пройдено: 9 раз

Doctors know that emotions are important for most diseases. This questionnaire is designed to help your doctor understand how you feel. This test can be used for self-diagnostic levels of anxiety. Read each item and choose the answer that best fits your state of health last week. Do not spend too much time on your answers, your immediate reaction to each item, is likely to be more accurate than a long time to reply. приступить к тесту ...

How much are you alcohol addicted? Пройдено: 5 раз

20 приступить к тесту ...

How much are you subject to the negative effects of stress? Пройдено: 1 раз

We can often hear that our time is a time of stress. However, a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years ago in the life stress was not smaller, just the doctors did not know about the impact of stress on the human body. Until there appeared a Canadian physiologist Hans Selye in 1936. He has described stress as a common adaptive response. By the way, stress causes not only the negative emotions (called distress), but positive (called eustress). Overabundance of stress can cause fatigue, irritability, apathy; there are various diseases, but also the lack of emotions leads to boredom and dullness. It is known that if a person is in a comfortable environment, but is deprived of any emotions, then he will go mad from the `sensor hunger.` Check how much you are vulnerable to the negative effects of stress. приступить к тесту ...

Test for fluid intake Пройдено: 6 раз

Are you not facing a drought? How much liquid do you consume per day? Whether this amount is enough for your body? приступить к тесту ...

Testing for anemia (test for women and girls) Пройдено: 21 раз

More than 95% of women suffer from anemia, if not explicitly, then latent. This test will reveal anemia. приступить к тесту ...

The degree of tension Пройдено: 0 раз

Test evaluates the level of neuro-emotional tension. Select the events that have been in your life for the past six months. приступить к тесту ...

Will you loose your weight? Пройдено: 57 раз

A lot of people would like to get rid of excess weight. This test will help you learn whether you will loose your weight. You must honestly answer the ten questions. приступить к тесту ...

Your level of oral hygiene Пройдено: 6 раз

It would seem oral hygiene is such an ordinary thing. The set of banal procedures that we do every day (well, maybe sometimes miss). In general, the thing is plain and clear, familiar from childhood. Now about the importance of oral hygiene it is shouting on TV, writen on the Internet. To the delight of dentists, they even entered the training lessons in the schools! But ... Are you sure you do it right? Maybe we should consult a dental hygienist or have to only correct the nuances? .. приступить к тесту ...

Your mood is spoiled by autumn and the gastric ulce Пройдено: 2 раза

Autumn has come, finally and irrevocably. It is believed that in this time of a year often occur attacks of the spleen, and even a lingering depression. And you must not take it useriously- claim British psychologists who have offered a test that will help to answer the question: Are you ready for the fall? Try to be honest, not to deceive yourself. Each item of this test requires you a clear answer `yes` or `no.` приступить к тесту ...

1 Профессиональные методики 2496014
2 Прикольные 124829
3 Любовь, отношения 119266
4 Ваш характер 82046
5 Женские 78599
6 Здоровье 37885
7 Семья, дети 25781
8 Работа, карьера 19516
9 Мужские 17976
10 Love and Sex 1549
11 Family, children 1535
12 Smile 1255
13 Health 228
14 Men`s tests 120
1. Тест Сонди 1647815
2. Тест Люшера 507568
3. Тест Равена - тест на интеллект, IQ 167874
4. Личностный опросник Айзенка 82247
5. Кем вы были в прошлой жизни? 50006
6. Насколько сильно Ваше сексуальное влечение? 27614
7. Опросник Кеттела 24622
8. Умеете ли Вы привлечь к себе мужчину 21711
9. Готовы ли вы к браку? 21687
10. Как у Вас с чувством юмора? 20942

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