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Can you be considered an alcoholic?

More tenacious belief that drunkenness is our tradition, and grandfathers, they say, they drank, and great-grandparents, and - nothing. Is this true? At all the times people thought alcohol to be the evil and always struggled with it, and in ancient times quite violent measures were taken. And how old is drinking? Greeks, for instance gave dry wine to their slaves, and the famous `Peter`s` vodka has less strength than the current port wines - 14 degrees. Philosophers of antiquity successfully fought against this evil, making fun of drinking, drawing attention to its humiliation. In ancient Rome, there was a senator, whose duties included getting drunk to the `pig squeal` and demonstrate on the streets to passers-by how unpleasant a drunk man is. The myth that Russians were drank at all the times is not true. Let us turn to history. In the eleventh century blackened pagan Russia in every way, proving the virtues of Christianity, although it our ancestors drank only because of three occasions: at birth, obsession victory over the enemy and funerals. All sorts of ` alcohol theorists` refer to the original drunken feasts. But the first time Russia got vodka from the Genoese only five centuries ago. All of these indisputable facts destroy the myth of traditionaly drunkenness!


1 Профессиональные методики 2482057
2 Прикольные 124623
3 Любовь, отношения 119107
4 Ваш характер 81866
5 Женские 78535
6 Здоровье 37837
7 Семья, дети 25733
8 Работа, карьера 19490
9 Мужские 17920
10 Love and Sex 1547
11 Family, children 1535
12 Smile 1252
13 Health 228
14 Men`s tests 120
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9. Готовы ли вы к браку? 21662
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