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8 тестов
Are you a rogue? Пройдено: 35 раз

The test was invented by Daniel Shepovalova - the greatest humanists of all times приступить к тесту ...

Are you a sex maniac? Пройдено: 62 раза

The test was invented by Daniel Shepovalova - the greatest humanists of all times. We do not doubt the fact that you are a maniac. The only question is: is it connected with sex? приступить к тесту ...

Do you have a sense of humor? Пройдено: 72 раза
Do you know how to relax? Пройдено: 143 раза

An entertaining test приступить к тесту ...

Seasons and your character Пройдено: 304 раза

We all are different and each of us has a favorite time of a year. Each season has its own uniqueness. So a man who loves a certain time, shows the peculiar qualities that complement his personality. If you want to learn something new about yourself pass this test. приступить к тесту ...

Test for the Communists-91 Пройдено: 11 раз

Members of the organization ”Unity” and their followers are offered to pass a test on communistic. During the test, statement given by Lenin has to be interpreted by you. You are to choose the variant which in your opinion expresses the meaning of Lenin`s words correctly приступить к тесту ...

What if you`re a vampire? Пройдено: 87 раз

What if you`re a vampire? Want to know? Take the test! Each item of this test requires a clear answer ”yes” or ”no”. Tests entertainment приступить к тесту ...

Who were you in the past life? Пройдено: 535 раз

Entertaining test приступить к тесту ...

1 Профессиональные методики 2470797
2 Прикольные 124448
3 Любовь, отношения 118921
4 Ваш характер 81715
5 Женские 78472
6 Здоровье 37810
7 Семья, дети 25687
8 Работа, карьера 19453
9 Мужские 17870
10 Love and Sex 1546
11 Family, children 1535
12 Smile 1249
13 Health 224
14 Men`s tests 119
1. Тест Сонди 1625493
2. Тест Люшера 506340
3. Тест Равена - тест на интеллект, IQ 167326
4. Личностный опросник Айзенка 81591
5. Кем вы были в прошлой жизни? 49891
6. Насколько сильно Ваше сексуальное влечение? 27537
7. Опросник Кеттела 24622
8. Умеете ли Вы привлечь к себе мужчину 21655
9. Готовы ли вы к браку? 21632
10. Как у Вас с чувством юмора? 20888

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